Nels Andrews


Chorus came from a walking tour of San Francisco... found out alot of the avenues were named for war heroes, a couple small alleys... poets.


The night was abandoned, but for thieves and stars
thieves and stars and abandon
i slept your graces and dreamed the bars
falling dreams of soft landings
I laid eyes on oceans, with deserts still in my hair
I walked from the bowery, to above the tree line

Boys will be boys
girls will be wise
let the streets take the soldier’s names
we’ll keep the skies

out past the break, the sharks are patient
the sharks, they swim patiently beyond the waves
brave boys stand with sand on their ankles
sand on their ankles and tridents raised
we stab at a beast from six fathoms under
for fortune, for glory, for fame

the tailor trusts the thread and the needle
the thread, the needle and the hand of the cloth
ignoring the passing fancy of fashion
the fancy of fashion is food for the moth
‘cousin, your coat,’ the wild wolf told me
‘can’t cover your collar and chain’

and then when you rise you’re back on the pavement,
your hands in your pockets digging for heat
knowing words once they’re sung, bare the rungs of tall timber
and fell little redwoods on ludlow street

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