Small Victories

Nels Andrews


I had a crazy interaction with a lady on seventh avenue one night after getting to go inside the apartments in carnegie hall, just before everyone was evicted. bemused to see her cameo in the movie 'lost bohemia' about the whole thing years later.


Did you go off the deep end,
or fire island for the weekend?
to worry your wounds
in jade oceans and gin
still glossy the faces,
on the eight by tens,
and vases are blanketed with plaster
that once blanketed the wall
so goodbye to brando,
marilyn in scandal
You’ll always be the dutchess of carnegie hall

small victories are back and white on the big screen
well lit, and well cast
so take your time
go slow and easy on me
i’ve got a porcelain past

a bungalow on fairfax interior,
lit for the second act was over
before you ever even hit the stage
wine-eyed and wanting
blue sky blondes fawning
for a way to live forever,
then slip away young
Heartbroke, Gold dug
we find you ashing on a silk rug
having chosen no favorites ,
for you’d loved them all

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