“lost year” (Off Track Betting)

Nels Andrews


summer time in the city, windows are open and world comes drifting in, heres a story of infedelity and voyeurism.


you knew it by weight
but its shape was sand
it trembled in the quiver
but was calm in your hand
your words flew feathered,
true and fair
the way some black birds take to air

you’d been childlike
you’d been lied to
I was warned but moved too slow
I held arrows of Joy and Sorrow
but I could not bend (string) the bow

not another last call
not another lost year
there is a fawn asleep on the lawn
so sharpen your darts and come finish him dear
come you cowards with poison
rush in fools, cape, and blade
me, i’ll do it slow young wine,and old songs
and these plans that we’d made

I listened to the moans of couples entwined
hidden by the brick and the balcony vine
so i didn’t see who, but i knew how
There grew weeds in the garden of the wedding vow

they were childlike
they were lied to
we were warned but moved too slow
we held arrows of joy and sorrow
but we could not bend the bow

I heard the heart of a shuttering deer
There beneath the deck, saw his moth’s wing ear
as he jumped bound through the garden, the leaves unpiled
past the manicured yard,
to where the woods go wild

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